Paper boat wants to fly... can you help?

Explore a beautiful and serene world as a little paper boat. Meet friends along the way, and help each one out in this calming point-and-click short story.



Made in 2 days for Weekly Game Jam theme: Tiny Boat


  • Click to interact
  • Click to move


Download Art Assets here :)

Development log


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Awesome experience! :)

glad you had fun!

What a lovely little game! I like the whole vibe of it, and the ending was sweet too. Fun little adventure, inspiring to see how the mechanic and art all fits so well together.

thank you for playing <3 credits to @Steebs for the story, I melted too :’)

Really cute! the art is well done. Not much is going on in controls, but it has an awesome scenery 

thank you! Did you manage to see the ending?