Play as a little spirit, and puzzle out how to resurrect ancient king statues.
A chess puzzle where you become the chess piece you eat!

Made for Weekly Jam 202: "Eat the Enemy" - Eating chess pieces!


Revive the King


  • Tap to select a piece, click on a valid tile to move.
  • "R" / Arrow button on the screen to reload the level.


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsHaiyoooo | Artist, culoextremo
GenrePuzzle, Strategy


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I would love to see more levels :D great game

This is amazing! Such a unique concept, and it works so well! The music, atmosphere and gameplay had me awe, and they complement each other perfectly. Can't believe you did this in only a week.

My only minor complaint is I wish the king stood out a bit more, as it can be hard to differentiate it from the other pieces. Maybe it could be highlighted? Also, it ended too soon! But I guess that was because of time restraints.

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great feedback! :D  making the king stand out more is a great idea

Yessss, omg, Culoextremo did such amazing work picking the sounds and designing the game <3

thank you for playing!