A downloadable asset pack

Hey! This is a pack of Art Assets I created for a game jam.

Feel free to reuse them, just credit me (https://haiyoooo.itch.io/) Thank you! ^^
Do tag me if you make a game, I'd love to link it here!

Art Asset contains (448 x 2048 tileset .png - 64x64px):

  • x50+ Wall Tiles (2 variations - with/without perspective)
  • x4 Door orientations (animated, 2 variations)
  • x1 Aiming cross-hair
  • x3 Items
    • Health pack
    • Microchip
    • Syringe
  • x3 Effects
    • Bubble
    • Sparkle
    • Shine
  • x1 Large Energy Tower
  • x5 Furniture
    • Floating specimen
    • Table
    • Nuclear Container
    • Computer
    • Control Panel
  • Blank Keyboard Button UI


More Art Assets: Here


ScifiTilemap_64x64_v3.png 31 kB

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