A downloadable tool

An interactive paint program.

Relax in a soothing world of rainbow and let your creativity flow. Sometimes these rainbow wisps will move shyly away from you and other times they can't bear to let you go.. it's all up to you. 


  •   S - Stop
  •   A - Attract
  •   D - Disperse
  •   G - Gravitation
  •   F - Flow away

Save Image:

  • SPACE - Saves a screenshot to the folder


  • Left click - Spawn more bubbles
  • Right click - Spawn more bubbles, from center

Solo project, Java, Processing


RainbowDream.windows32.rar 55 MB
RainbowDream.windows64.rar 35 MB

Install instructions

1. Download either file (windows 64 or 32)
2. Extract files
3. Double click Rainbow_Jet_V4.app to launch

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