Controls: Spacebar

The humans ate your lover for dinner and now it's time for revenge! You've set up camp in between rocks, time to lure ships with fake Morse code SOS messages. Crash as many ships as you can!

Morse Code terms 

  • TL : "I'm on fire"
  • W:  "I require medical assistance"
  • 8 : "Hugs and kisses"

based on international signal terms used at sea

Created for the 1-button game jam 2018.

Music by alphatone
Background generated from

Design, Code @jvergara
Design, Art, Additional Code @haiyoooo


Download 6 MB


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Hiscore : 3700 (level 6)

Never knew I wanted a morse-code based game until now :D Congrats!

Thanks for playing! We just started yesterday afternoon and feel pretty good about the outcome :)

Haha neither did I before this Jam! Dangit I haven't passed level 3 yet