Fart your way through space debris. Be careful, your helmet's REALLY fragile! Your penniless astronaut butt couldn't afford better.

Pro-Tip: You can fart in all directions ;D


Ahahaha, omg didn't have enough time to finish this. Shouldn't have tried to squeeze in procedural generation and worked on polish instead xD

Learned a lot about animation though! :D

Developed solo in <15h fro #WeeklyGameJam129


Also if anyone would like to try their hand at level-designing this game even after Game Jam, I'll gladly oblige hahaha

Development log


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This is comically enjoyable. I love it!


Thanks for playing :') makes me so happy!

wow love the death animation

That's actually my favourite part too!! MUAHUA. Glad you enjoyed it xD

Very nice & cute!

Glad you enjoyed it ^-^ Just added new levels

Enjoyed the game! But adding UI would have made game much better.

Glad to hear that! :D What UI did you have in mind? ^^