[ChibiMaker v2.1] Andriod SDK :)

Heya~ I've been working on moving ChibiiiiMaker to Android, aiming to publish it to Google Play Store!

[Chibi v2.1] Features:

  • Port to Android! :D
    • Save to Gallery
    • Share to Social Media
    • Camera scales with resolution

Apparently you need a mac to build an iOS app, so no apple store for me right now. T_T


After 9 hours of suffering and bug fixing, I got it workinggg! Big thanks to these Unity Asset Store packages which made today possible :')

  • Native Gallery : Save to gallery, Share to social media!
    • PRO TIP: Go to Native Gallery's github page, scroll down and grab a working code!

PRO TIP! Use things like #if UNITY_WEBGL or #If UNITY_ANDRIOD if you're developing for multiple platforms!... or down in errors TwT;;


ChibiMaker_v2.0_1.zip 31 MB
May 28, 2020

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