[New Items] +80 Eyes, Eyes, Eyes!

My internet went down for 2 days so I drew a ton of eyes xD

Also starting to shift my focus to the Android app, so grab that for the latest updates! <3

Thanks to everyone who's been reporting bugs to me on the discord! It's been a great help :D

Major Updates:

  • +80 new eyes
  • +7 new mouths
  • +20 face markings (new category!)

Minor Updates:

  • Removed color option for eyes, eyebrows, mouth
  • Improved UI
    • Update randomize button images
    • Update save & load button images
    • Vertical scroll for items
    • Dynamically stretchable UI
    • "NEW" indicators
  • Fixed misaligned item boxes
  • Better background positioning
  • Andriod only:
    • Updated app name & icon
    • Updated share message
    • Renamed save folder from "Gallery Test" to "Chibi Outfitters"

DevLog: Is a halo a hat or a hair accessory?
I'm thinking of delaying save & load features until I figure out categories. @_@
Every time I re-organise categories, save/load is affected D:


ChibiOutfitter_v2.9.zip 9 MB
Jun 11, 2020
ChibiOutfitter_v3.0.apk 21 MB
Jun 11, 2020

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