[ChibiMaker v1.7] Eye colors! + Archer set!

[v1.7] New Features:

  • New items
    • 1 Hairstyle
    • 13 Tops
    • 1 Bow
    • 8 Eyes
  • Made UI even bigger
  • Reduced load time when opening app
    • Added splash screen
    • Optimize sprite sheet color export

Added more color options for eyes! :DDD Had a request for more patterns instead of solid blocks, enjoy these new tops!

Dev Log

My biggest challenge thus far is definitely dealing with colors!!! The color change in Unity is just a tint. So I have to sacrifice either accurate color changes, or interesting drawings. I looked into shaders, but there really isn't an ideal solution. I see why so many dress up games don't offer color options ^^;

I love creating backstories for randomized-chibis. LOL


ChibiMaker_v1.7.zip 8 MB
May 25, 2020

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