[ChibiMaker v1.6] Play on mobile! & Japanese items!

Playable on mobile on itch.io!!!

Chibi Maker v1.6 Major Updates:

  • Playable on phones using itch.io!
  • New items
    • Japanese set!
    • Back-to-School set!
    • Ninja set!
  • New categories
    • Face accessories
    • Neck accessories
    • Speech bubbles

Minor updates

  • Resolution updated to 720 : 1280
  • Color palette change
  • Increased UI size
  • UI scales with all resolutions
  • Fixed bug for selected category image
  • Lowered position of magical circle
  • Scroll rectangle resizes dynamically
  • Particle effect when changing background
  • Better color randomization


Hey everyone! It's the weekend! :D 

Most awesome thing i found is this WebGL template that made it possible to play ChibiMaker on mobile phones!!! Thank you @Sean!!!

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