[ChibiMaker v1.4] Hide UI!

Hide all the UI to take a nicer screenshot!

New Features v1.4

I skipped making a post on1.3, so gona combine both xD

  • Hide UI
  • More backgrounds!
  • [Bug Fix] "none" button disappearing bug
  • [Bug Fix] shirt 1 & 2 randomly overlapping bug (thanks @nyunejam for reporting!)

Minor changes:

  • Remove "none" option for eyes
  • Added tween effects to buttons and load

If you want to add Polish with tweening effect, get [DOTween]((http://dotween.demigiant.com/) it's super easy to use!!!
And looks so cool!!! Thanks @nyunejam for recommending it to me!!! :D


ChibiMaker_v1.4.zip 8 MB
May 22, 2020

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