[v1.2] 50+ new items: Weapons, Wings, Ears, Accessories!

Look ma, no eyes!

Version 1.2 New Features:

  • 50+ new items
  • 5 new categories
    • Wings
    • Weapons
    • Earrings
    • Head Accessories
    • Eyes
  • "none" option
  • 2 layers for shirts: Inner + Outer

Minor changes

  • Downsized sprites by 50% - Load faster! :D
  • Added subtle shading to Bangs
  • Blinking eye animations
  • Changed all items to white

Today's biggest challenge was: WHAT CATEGORY IS THIS!?

Especially for accessories, where you could totally equip more than one.

I also broke the entire project when I tried to improve code. So many string references, and enums! @_@ The randomize-all button is great for bug testing!

Weapons and more!


ChibiMaker_v1.2.zip 6 MB
May 20, 2020

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