[ChibiMaker v1.1] COLORRRRRRS

Yay! Pretty UI and stuff works!

Version 1.1 New Features:

  • More color options!
  • Randomization
  • Animated background
  • Currently selected category is now highlighted
  • Updated UI for a "blueprint" look

Today's biggest challenge was color palette! T^T Spent hours on UI and colors. I wanted to offer more customization but also (1) maintain a nice theme and (2) have all randomized options look good!

Got some great advice from @Nyunejam!

"if it's just hue variation I tend to use the same saturation and value and just change the hue by at fixed increments, such as 30 at a time"

and @Trixiiii

ok one suggestion is that you limit the palette the user can use :P

Here's a peek into my overthinking brain:

3 values per Hue? Too many?

2 values per Hue? Too little?

Circles or square?!

Code for Procedural generation of color palettes

Left bar maybe?

Shadow color?! Highlight color?! Complimentary, Contrasting, or same hue???

Which palette? How many palettes?! Where do I put the color!?!?!??!


ChibiMaker_v1.1.zip 6 MB
May 19, 2020

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