Make your own Chibi, or randomize for a laugh!

  • Daily updates!
  • Play on mobile on!
  • Vote for the next feature on Trello!

Suggestions, feedback, and collab requests welcome! ^-^
Post your creations in the comments or discord, I'd love to see it!

Special credits to @Lyrcaxis my code-sensei <3

What's New?

Loads of new items!

  • Dragon Slayer Armor!
  • Mage Update!
  • 10 New pants!

Found a Bug?

Let me know in the comments below, or in discord:

Games made with these Chibis!

If you make a game using these chibis let me know!


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Made a pretty cool one, Loving the progress, keep it up!

thanks Anon! :DD

It is pretty cool, and this is something that I found in randomizer:

(1 edit)

Lord Walter is on a quest to find the fabled Book of Sunshine to lift the Curse-of-Forever-Rain from the City of Cornea.

xD I love making up stories for randomizer
Thanks for playing <3

Loving the randomizer!! Super cute ^^

Wow! You update this project quickly!

Haha yes! I'm doing daily sprints and daily builds <3

As of v1.6, you can play it phones now!!! :D

Great app! Fun to play with. I remade my character as a chibi:

He is so cuteee! Thanks for sharing!!!

Awesome project! One suggestion: I think it would be even cooler if you had an option to save your character as an image. That way, you can use it as a profile pic or background.

Yessssssssssss! That's a super cool idea. Adding it to the Trello list! :D